Kenna Powell is a junior at UNC Charlotte studying environmental engineering. As a two-term project co-op for Ulliman Schutte, Kenna assisted in end-of-project punchlist responsibilities, project-specific payroll, restorative equipment maintenance, and managing subcontractor and vendor relationships.

“When looking for a co-op experience, I knew I wanted to go into water resources and do something meaningful for the environment,” said Powell. “Water and wastewater construction aligned with my interests and what I am passionate about.”

A big staple of working as a co-op for Ulliman Schutte is that every day is different. Powell enjoyed the never-a-dull-moment environment on the jobsite.

“Things get done at a very rapid pace and every day there are new challenges. Everyone is super friendly and willing to teach you if you are willing to learn.”

Another staple of being a co-op for Ulliman Schutte is being adventurous and excited about where the next opportunity will arise. A co-op at Ulliman Schutte will experience new cities in each term, and Powell was excited about the new possibilities in each city.

“My favorite thing about Ulliman Schutte is the traveling. I would have never gone to Baltimore and I would have never gone to Raleigh. I ended up loving North Carolina so much that I am transferring here. I would have never had these chances had I not had one of the very few co-op opportunities that lets you travel around the United States.”

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