"I have learned an incredible amount of content here at Noman Cole (Fairfax, Virginia). My supervisors have made a world of difference in my college career and have taught me an immense amount of skills ranging from interpersonal interactions to construction knowledge on site. There are many lessons I have learned that I have adopted and will stay with me for the rest of my life. This opportunity with US has been a life changing experience, and I cannot thank the wonderful US team enough for making me feel beyond welcome to be a part of their family."

Sarah Glover, West Virginia University, Class of 2019

"These two rotations with Ulliman Schutte have been life changing. Nowhere else will I obtain an experience such as this."

Zach Lynn, University of Pittsburgh, Class of 2019

"I cannot think of any signifiant additional coaching and/or support I would have liked to receive. Both Sherri Eddleblute and Elijah Brown (my boss and immediate supervisor/coworker, respectively) were great leaders and mentors to me. While they were both quite busy through my co-op, they would still find time to teach me how to do new things so I could contribute to the project in increasingly effective ways. In addition, they would take time to teach or show me tasks they were working on so that I could learn, even if I would not be directly dealing with those tasks. They would also take an extra moment to give useful feedback on assignments I would compete for them, which helps very much in future assignments so I could do better with the next assignment. Overall, there was a great culture of consistent communication and learning which helped me grow in my role and feel like I was truly effective member of the team by the end of my co-op."

Daniel McCormick, Ohio State University, Class of 2020

"US is a great company. The small company feel is fantastic. Knowing so many people just as a Co-Op gives tremendous exposure. SharePoint is also a great way to see what is going on in the company elsewhere."

Zafar Ahsan, North Carolina State University, Class of 2020

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