Ulliman Schutte has completed over 20 separate contracts at the Blue Plains AWWTP. At peak, the flowrate into this plant is approximately 1 BGD, making it one of the largest in the United States. The density of the work site, with almost no room between plant structures for equipment, storage, or vehicles, necessitates extraordinary planning and coordination with plant staff. 

The ENR 2 project included a new Denitrification Pump Station and associated Influent and Effluent Channels, new Alternate Carbon Feed Structure, new Carbon Feed Building, new aeration equipment, and a new Visitor’s Center. One of the more challenging elements involved a large 250' tunnel below an existing structure. Completing the tunnel required the installation of two large vertical shafts excavated within extremely tight quarters. The site space restrictions also necessitated detailed planning for the transport and installation of four large horizontal tanks which were positioned on a pipe gallery straddling two large, active treatment basins.

The project schedule included eight (8) different schedule milestones. The tight process constraints and extremely aggressive schedule mandated a close and effective working relationship between Ulliman Schutte, the Owner, the Construction Manager, and other ongoing construction contracts at the plant.