Ulliman Schutte was selected for Fairfax County’s first CMAR Project at their primary Wastewater Treatment Plant Facility. The $70 million project will replace outdated wastewater chemical disinfection technology with Trojan Signa ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. Preconstruction Services that have been provided include Design and Constructability Reviews, cost estimates throughout multiple design phases, scheduling, value engineering, GMP proposal development through a competitive bid process, and cutting-edge implementation of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality including Fairfax County’s first utilization of Microsoft HoloLens.

This project was one of seven completed by Ulliman Schutte at the Noman M. Cole Jr., Pollution Control Plant.

Ulliman Schutte was able to provide significant schedule savings by advancing an Early Start GMP after the 70% Design was delivered by the Engineer. Our effective collaboration with Hazen during early design phases allowed the CMAR team to begin construction several months ahead of schedule, with critical utility relocations and excavation work beginning while the design was still being finalized for the main disinfection system facilities. Through constructability reviews, Ulliman Schutte was able to eliminate the construction of a complex and costly temporary bypass system by proposing an alternate location for the new pipes feeding the Disinfection Facilities. Not only did this deliver significant savings to the project, but it also reduced the risk associated with the plant’s operations by maintaining the existing pipelines in service throughout construction and avoiding the long-term temporary bypass. 

Fairfax County estimates that through the CMAR process Ulliman Schutte has generated $3.5 million in savings for the project. In addition, the collaborative effort between Hazen, Ulliman Schutte, and Fairfax County has encouraged the exploration of many ideas and concepts which have led to increased operability, maintainability, and plant safety.