Grand Forks Regional WTP CMAR

The new state-of-the-art water treatment plant completed for the City of Grand Forks will provide the City’s residents and industries with decades of service throughout the full range of influent water characteristics and usage demands. Along with our JV partner Construction Engineers, Design Engineer AE2S, and Architect JLG, our team developed a solution that fulfills all the City's needs with regard to form, function, and budget.

The 12 MGD plant is essentially two plants in one, as the project included construction of two complete separate treatment trains – one based on membrane filtration and one based on conventional media filtration – to meet the extreme variability of the river-based source waters. Interconnections between the two trains allows tremendous flexibility for the plant operations staff to tailor the most effective and efficient treatment sequence. The entire facility is housed within a large, three-level structure, providing reliable treatment service and a comfortable working environment year-round.

  • Location: Grand Forks, ND
  • Owner: City of Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • Engineer: AE2S & JLG
  • Contract Value: $134M
  • Contract Awarded: 2016
  • Contract Type: CMAR

I am thankful on behalf of the City of Grand Forks for all your thoughtful, positive, and gritty actions. In all the right ways, I am very proud of all the planning and actions that got us the Grand Forks Regional Water Treatment Plant. More than anything on the historic project, I will remember working with the Ulliman Schutte/Construction Engineers team.”

Todd Feland

The City of Grand Forks accomplished all of our initial goals and many more. This project has been a shining example of the advantages of teamwork in the delivery of a complex capital project that will benefit our great community long into the future."

John “Fred” Goetz