Large Diameter Sewer Rehabilitation Design-Build

This wide-ranging piping rehabilitation project began with extensive condition evaluations of several aging sewers in Louisville – many of which are under critical, high-traffic areas of downtown. To understand the conditions of each sewer segment, Ulliman Schutte utilized multiple trenchless investigation methods, such as robotic multi-sensor inspection (MSI), CCTV, and in-pipe direct inspection with 360-degree camera documentation.

Following condition evaluation, each sewer segment undergoes a comprehensive rehabilitation alternatives analysis. Ulliman Schutte is working closely with Louisville MSD, design partner Brown and Caldwell, and various subcontractors to determine which rehabilitation methods provide the best repair option for each pipe segment. This process has resulted in a highly-customized rehabilitation plan that suits the needs of each unique sewer section, the safety and convenience of the public, and MSD’s goals and values. To date, the selected trenchless rehab methods have included cured-in-place pipe lining, sliplining, and application of shotcrete and epoxy coatings.

As a result of this careful planning and communication, the Ulliman Schutte team was able to maintain ongoing traffic on Broadway – a major, seven-lane road in the heart of Louisville’s hospital and business district – while performing over a mile of trenchless rehabilitation.

  • Location: Louisville, KY
  • Owner: Louisville and Jefferson County MSD
  • Engineer: Brown and Caldwell
  • Contract Value: $59M
  • Contract Awarded (Year): 2020
  • Contract Type: Design-Build