Piscataway WRRF Electrical Upgrades

The Piscataway WRRF provides vitally important wastewater treatment service for WSSC's customers in the environmentally sensitive Piscataway Creek area. The electrical upgrades project positioned the plant for decades of reliable service and expandability by providing complete state-of-the-art electrical facilities.  The new facilities include six major new substations and associated switchgear, modifications to existing switchgear and motor control centers, and new and modified ductbank as necessary to accommodate the new service.

Complete replacement of the electrical feed systems for a major treatment plant involves challenges large and small.  The sheer size of the medium voltage switchgear - it's assembled size was over 90' long - required piecemeal delivery and installation, with each section weighing over 75,000 pounds. Once the new substations were energized and tested, each system required detailed planning for connection to the existing facilities.  Close coordination and cooperation with plant staff ensured the series of switchovers were completed without interruption to plant processes.

  • Location: Accokeek, MD
  • Owner: WSSC
  • Engineer: Greeley and Hansen
  • Contract Value: $56M
  • Contract Awarded: 2019
  • Contract Type: Design-Bid-Build