PRS Reliability Upgrades CMAR

To facilitate the decommissioning of a regional wastewater treatment plant, the corresponding collection system was reconfigured through the renovation and repurposing of six existing Pressure Reducing Stations (PRSs), “closed loop” pump stations located throughout the City of Virginia Beach. In addition to accommodating the near-term needs for the plant closure, the completed project provides long-term adaptability, functionality, and operational cost savings.

The upgrades to the six stations included changes and improvements to reliability, capacity, operability, safety, and maintainability. Modifications completed in each station ranged from replacement of the pumps and electrical systems to the extensive construction of new station superstructures. All six stations featured the re-use of the existing drywells and provisions for improved access to pumps and valves. Underground piping – including a trenchless road crossing – was installed to reconnect each pump station in accordance with its new role in the overall network.

As CMAR, Ulliman Schutte guided all preconstruction and construction phase services. Preconstruction services included iterative estimates, scheduling, risk evaluation and management, operability reviews, and complete subcontractor solicitation and bidding processes as stipulated by Virginia code and HRSD preferences.

  • Location: Virginia Beach, VA
  • Owner: Hampton Roads Sanitation District
  • Engineer: RK&K, Kimley-Horn
  • Contract Value: $34M
  • Contract Awarded: 2018
  • Contract Type: CMAR