A Culture of Sustainability

Enhancing sustainability is a priority for both Ulliman Schutte and our clients. For each project, we embrace the opportunity to partner in improving efficiency, conserving resources, and reducing waste in both the completed facility and in the construction process. To help ensure comprehensive assessment of sustainability, we regularly leverage the tools and expertise of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI). We also actively encourage our employees to become certified in ISI’s Envision program and in the US Green Building Council’s LEED program, empowering our project teams to help shape facility designs that are sustainable and robust. This ongoing investment reflects our commitment to contribute to the industry’s progression toward more sustainable and resilient infrastructure and construction practices.

Ulliman Schutte Carbon Committee

Ulliman Schutte’s Carbon Committee is charged with evaluating and implementing innovative solutions that reduce our carbon footprint and increase efficiencies throughout our operations. The committee comprises volunteers who represent a broad cross-section of our organization, ensuring a variety of ideas and comprehensive, balanced evaluations. Meetings include a mix of brainstorming, discussion, and assessment as we hone creative solutions to ensure a greener future.

Envision Certified Projects

One way that Ulliman Schutte monitors and improves the sustainability of our projects is through the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure's Envision Certification process. ISI developed the Envision process to assist designers, builders, and facility owners in recognizing opportunities to reduce the overall environmental impact associated with infrastructure projects.  Ulliman Schutte is proud to support and participate in ISI's mission, including through the formal training of our project leaders and the Envision certification of our projects . In fact, our portfolio includes the first-ever Envision Platinum certification, which was awarded to the Alexandria Renew Nutrient Management Facility project.  Additional information regarding the NMF project and several other Envision-enhanced projects can be found in the Projects sampler.