Giving Back

We love combining our desire to “leave things better than we found them” with our passion for building.

Sometimes that building is literal, such as when we volunteer our time and resources to build a playground or house. Sometimes that building is figurative, such as when we structure a unique scholarship program at a disadvantaged school. In all cases, we embrace an open-hearted, hands-on approach to helping those around us.

Caring for Natural Resources

All our projects are tied to water, so we understand the unique importance of our natural resources. We seek to be good stewards by engaging in activities and causes that protect water sources. Adopting local parks, leading beach clean-ups, and interacting with the community at educational fairs allow us to deepen our commitment to the environment.

Supporting the Next Generation of Builders

As a group of engineers and builders, we are personally committed to sharing our love of construction with the next generation. We actively encourage young people to consider careers in STEM and to explore the world around them with a curious mindset. Through scholarships, experiential activities, and school partnerships, we support the development of a capable and enthusiastic workforce that will help build a better tomorrow.

Being a Good Neighbor

We also make meaningful differences in our communities by focusing on the basics – food, water, and shelter. We support food banks, Habitat for Humanity, Water for People, and many other programs and causes that seek to meet people’s basic needs.

Spotlight: "Playgrounds of Dreams"

Our Louisville project team partnered with two local schools to update and improve their amenities. After meeting with students and staff to determine their wants and needs, our team elected to provide new playground equipment. Our team's plan included several wish list items from students – such as a new slide – as well as modern offerings such as sustainable playground materials.