The growth of Design-Build in the water construction industry is a reflection of its advantages over conventional Design-Bid-Build for many projects. In addition to the simplicity of a single contract, Ulliman Schutte's Design-Build clients appreciate the advantages of developing a project design that has been fully optimized through the eyes of a highly experienced builder. As the design progresses, our preconstruction team provides continual schedule analysis, constructability reviews, and value engineering services, all of which are fully informed by Ulliman Schutte's Tight&Right(TM) estimating systems. 

Variations to the Design-Build delivery model and accompanying contract structure are virtually limitless.  Traditional Design-Build can provide a turnkey solution at a cost established very early in the project cycle.  Progressive Design-Build allows tremendous flexibility and permits the client to make decisions as the design progresses based on highly accurate cost and schedule data. To determine which combination is "best" for any given project, a thorough analysis must be performed which accounts for technical and schedule requirements, financial structure and funding availability, applicable codes and laws, the client's level of desired involvement, and a host of other factors. Ulliman Schutte helps our clients navigate through these decision points based on our experience and our knowledge of available options and best practices. 

At Ulliman Schutte, we are enthusiastic practitioners and proponents of all Design-Build delivery methodologies.  We are active members of the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA), and many of our leaders are DBIA-certified. Ulliman Schutte also is a member of the Advisor Group to the Water Design-Build Council (WDBC), an organization dedicated to furthering collaborative delivery methods within our industry.