Construction Manager at-Risk

Leveraging the Strengths of a Self-Performer

When serving as CMAR, Ulliman Schutte provides our clients with the advantages of a highly experienced, self-performing general contractor. During preconstruction, we help optimize the project design by providing highly accurate cost, risk, and schedule feedback, all based on our ongoing, market-driven operations. During construction, we are able to serve as both Construction Manager and self-performing contractor, providing effective and efficient management of the project cost, risk, and schedule.

A Scope of Services Tailored to the Project

Using the CMAR delivery model, the range of services Ulliman Schutte provides can be tailored to the needs of each client and project. In addition to preconstruction-phase constructability reviews, value engineering, estimating services, and quality and safety assurance planning, our CMAR team can perform value-added tasks such as BIM management, asset management system planning, inclusion assurance, public outreach, and a host of other services.

Overcoming Project Challenges through Collaboration

The collaboration facilitated by CMAR delivery results in highly nimble project management, with the extended team able to overcome a variety of challenges – both expected and unexpected. Budget issues? The team can often adjust the project scope to meet funding constraints while still achieving the project goals. Schedule too tight? We’ll work together to identify tasks that can be undertaken prior to completion of final design, effectively allowing an earlier project start. Sticky operational constraints? Ulliman Schutte’s experience on hundreds of water projects, when combined with the knowledge of our client, will result in a fully optimized sequence and timing for the work.