Aaron Organiscak

Aaron participated in five different co-op rotations with Ulliman Schutte prior to joining US full time, giving him a taste of many different facets of our operations. He found a passion for the never-a-dull-moment, boots-on-the-ground aspects of being on the jobsite, and loves the nonstop action and comradery of fieldwork. In the words of Aaron himself, his experience with US has shown him that "construction is what I want to do, hands-down."

Real Work, Real Experience

“Ulliman Schutte lets you pursue what you want to do and helps you succeed by not pushing you too far and not holding you back. They let you move at whatever pace you want and let you do what makes you happy.”

Aaron told his supervisors at Ulliman Schutte that he wanted more exposure to hands-on construction work and to learn how to operate the heavy machinery on the jobsite. After being mentored by various superintendents and gaining that hands-on experience, he is now a qualified equipment operator. This knowledge and experience will provide Aaron with valuable insight regarding equipment logistics and crew planning as he continues to advance his career.

When deciding to pursue his Environmental Engineering degree at the University of Cincinnati, Aaron initially thought his career path would lead him to becoming a design engineer or a water inspector.

“I had no idea construction was even a possibility for an engineer,” said Organiscak. “I knew I wanted to specialize in environmental engineering, but I never knew that construction was a pathway for that. I didn’t expect to be able to do something as dynamic as what I am doing now, and after my co-op terms with Ulliman Schutte, I know that this is the career I want for the rest of my life.”

In the field the stakes are a bit higher. I want to perform good work – I want to do it right.”