Kristina Bruns

One of Kris' favorite elements of her role with US is how every day looks a little different. One day she could be solving a problem on-site, the next day she could be negotiating a change order with a subcontractor, and the following day she could be at a local career fair helping build our workforce. This versatility keeps her role exciting and interesting – and continually presents new opportunities to learn and grow.

Kris attributes her success as a Project Manager to her willingness to get out of her comfort zone and try something (or somewhere!) new. Reflecting on her career, she believes that these "stretch" opportunities helped her become a more well-rounded employee. "The more you experience, the more knowledge you gain – and the better leader you become," says Kris. In addition to this experience, Kris places a high value on teamwork, collaboration, and communication. "Without these skills, you won't be able to build a project.

With Ulliman Schutte, you get to experience all kinds of different disciplines – from civil to mechanical to electrical – and there's different phases in the project as well. My favorite part is the start-up of the process equipment and systems. Pressing the 'Start' button for the first time is so nerve-wracking, but so fulfilling as well.”