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Discovering and Developing the Best of the Best

Ulliman Schutte relies upon our Co-op and Intern programs to help US identify and develop the next generation of company leaders. In fact, more than 90% of Ulliman Schutte's project estimators, managers, engineers, and executives began their careers in our student programs. Over the course of several working semesters, these programs allow US to discover more about each student's aptitude, strengths, and goals. In turn, the student learns about engineered construction and water quality while working for an industry leader. This two-way learning experience ultimately leads to a group of construction professionals who are ideally suited for our industry and our company and represent the "best of the best".

Learning through Doing

As a student employee in Ulliman Schutte's operations group, during each work term you will be an active participant in the vitally important world of water infrastructure construction. You will serve as a fully productive member of the Ulliman Schutte team, assigned to complete important tasks under the coaching and guidance of a full-time team member. As you build your knowledge, skills, and abilities, you will be assigned progressively more challenging tasks that prepare you for an exciting and rewarding career upon graduation.

Flexibility to Meet Your Schedule

Ulliman Schutte recognizes that each school, degree program, or student may have different requirements and preferences when scheduling work and school terms. Whether you are seeking the robust experience and alternating semesters of a true co-op or simply squeezing-in a semester or two of work to get a head start on your career, we’ve got you covered. We’ll work with you and your school to develop a program that fits your plans for both your education and your career.

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